Last Saturday, on December 1st 2012, the fifth mixup match was finally played, in secret, on a secret server, for a secret duration, and with a secret winner. The battle was intense and covered three maps. Team Yogscast’s outstanding team play, unprecedented skill and jaw-dropping tactics were only matched by Team Robin’s cheats. If you want to know who ended up as the victor, you’ll have to wait for a few weeks, until the match videos are released on the Yogscast YouTube channel. If you’re too excited to wait, take a look at the equally interesting videos from the fourth mixup match, and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be notified when the new videos are released.

Unfortunately, cArn was forced to cancel his attendance due to a late booking to IPL5, and Notch was unable to attend due to illness. Instead, they were replaced by the TF2 YouTuber STAR and Valve Developer Pongthep “Bank” Charnchaichujit. Most importantly, our lucky raffle winners were able to join the match and play with an impressive roster of some great people. In addition to playing in the match, our winners will also be receiving a care package from Valve. We’re looking forward to seeing pictures of all the swag they’ll receive!

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