You’re winner!

The counter has reached zero and the time has come to celebrate the winners of the fifth mixup match raffle! In total, we’ve managed to raise more than 3400 GBP (which equals more than 5400 USD) this far. Although the raffle is over, donations will be kept open until the game has been played and the match videos have been released. So feel free to donate if you wish to support Doctors Worldwide.

Of course, the true winners of this event are the poor and sick people who will be able to receive care thanks to your generous donations. But, the only ones who will receive exclusive Valve swag and have the privilege of playing in the mixup match are the following winners:

Conor Richards (UK)
Andrew Davis (USA)
“Towel” (USA)

In addition to the three raffle winners, we’ve also added two TF2 pros to the match (one on each team), who will make sure that the players are organized and prepared to defeat their opponents. The pros are the experienced medics PYYYOUR (USA) and TheSucker (Sweden).

Lastly, if you’re not satisfied with that great feeling of donating money to a good cause, make sure to follow TF2mixup on Facebook and Twitter, where we will be handing out games and other loot regularly. There, you’ll also be the first to know when the match videos are released and we will be updating you on future matches and raffles and how you can participate in those.